Personalized to your Needs

Our professionals setup your database, dashboard and web forms to meet your nonprofit reporting needs.

Always Improving

We are always adding innovative, new features and listening to community feedback on ways we can improve.

Nonprofits Do More Good

We simplify nonprofit data tracking and reporting so you can spend more time on your outcomes.

Report Builder

Nonprofit reporting has never been easier. Build and save your frequent reports to access them instantly.

Web-Based Database

Using a web-based relational database will reduce duplication and effort while increasing accessibility.

Security and Compliance

Always encrypted and protected using strong standard and compliance, such as HIPAA for healthcare applications.

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How It Works

Professional Setup

Our data pros learn your nonprofit reporting needs and setup your personalized database.
We will use your spreadsheets, forms and reports as well as show you progress along the way.

Your DataSnapz

DataSnapz becomes the new home of your data with intuitive data tracking, real time dashboards and easy to use report builder.

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