Personalized Dashboards

Constant Flow of Data

Driven on current data, your dashboard grants the ability to review details and the status of operations providing a significant opportunity to make your organization more efficient and quick to respond to issues and opportunities.

Simple, Intuitive Input

Easily Add New Records

Web forms are not created equal. DataSnapz’s intuitive interface keeps garbage data out while optimizing the process for speed and efficiency.

  • Autosave – Form data is saved as you type and will pickup from where you left off if you are interrupted
  • Data Validation – Clean data is enforced on each field, whether or not it is required
  • Logical Progression – Questions can be hidden and only shown when they need to be asked
  • Accordion – Group related form fields to enhance user friendliness

Reports at your Fingertips

Always Ready Reports

Pre-built reports offer filtering and sorting capabilities, but eliminate the guesswork by providing static and formatted outputs.

Ad-hoc Report Builder

For enhanced flexibility, QuickView Report Builder empowers users to select data and design reports without having to understand how and where the data is stored.