How It Works

Professional Setup

Our data pros review your reports, spreadsheets and forms to learn your unique needs & setup your personalized database.

Your DataSnapz

DataSnapz becomes the new home of your data with intuitive data tracking, real time dashboards and easy to use report builder.

Support and Beyond

We support you and your data like an in-house IT department. Contact our team for new dashboard and database changes.

Account Setup

We suggest you sign up for a group demo of DataSnapz, you will love the simplicity! When you’re ready to get started, contact us and we will begin setting up your DataSnapz account for you.

Here is what you can expect after contacting us:

Step 1. Schedule your FREE 1-2 hour information session

We will ask for your forms, spreadsheets, reports and other information related to your data collection before we chat.
Our professional data team will review your content and provide a price for the one-time setup of your account, including your personalized dashboards. We’ll need your approval to move forward.

Step 2. Design and Setup

With a clear understanding of your data needs and approval, ardentCause will begin setting up your dashboard, web forms and reports.  We’ll schedule a review with you during this process and provide progress reports so you know where we are.

Step 3. Data Import (Optional)

History Matters.  We have a data import option so you don’t lose any of your history.  If you choose to import your historical data, we will contact you during your account setup process with the details.

Step 4. Training and Testing

We will schedule a training session for your team, then the testing can begin. Typically we recommend 5 days of testing, but it is optional. Our data team is always available to answer questions for any of your staff.
Go Live!